Immature security practices make endpoints an easy target in advanced cyberattacks, especially when existing staff don’t have the skills or experience to mitigate them. However, according to the 2021 Gartner Global Security and Risk Management Governance Survey, 48% of organizations struggle to find and hire cybersecurity professionals. This leaves many organizations with an opaque view of their risks and no clear path forward.

Gartner’s report, How to Improve Endpoint Security to Protect Organizations Against Advanced Cyberattacks, describes everything you need to do to evaluate the risk to your organization and assess the attacker’s landscape. Then develop a prioritized roadmap tailored to your business needs to achieve better protection and reduce the endpoint attack surface.

66% of CISOs ranked cybersecurity controls maturity benchmarking as critical to addressing their challenges.


──Map Your Cybersecurity Controls Performance and Investments, Gartner


The report defines a five-level roadmap that SRM leaders can use to:

  • Interrupt: disrupts your status quo to achieve quick wins and upskill your people

  • Develop: go deeper into identifying requirements, inventorying current systems, and retiring end-of-life operating systems

  • Define: establish a formal security operations center, report and track performance, and develop proactive detection and response

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Keep Your Company and Customer Data Secure
Modern IT threats can strike businesses from any source via multi attack vectors, yet many endpoints aren’t properly protected. When reputation is everything, a security failure like this can be detrimental to growth.

The ASUS Expert Series provides total security using multiple hardware and software layers, helping to reduce risk and maintain customer trust with enterprise-grade security, Intel vPro platform and Trusted Platform Modules 2.0 (TPM 2.0). This robust protection helps prevent attacks by hackers and allows MIS staff to remotely control and manage company assets.

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