2022 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda: A K12 Perspective

Make an informed decision. Use this report to find the right K12 Education investment and preparation

Education CIOs need to plan for the changing new reality. This requires them to identify signals from noise and see the deeper trajectory of technology innovation. By understanding the current environment aligning investments and preparing for unpredictable conditions, and in the end achieve superior results. To support CIOs in this quest, this research highlights the top technology trends shaping the higher education industry in 2022.

What You'll Learn
  • How education CIOs and technology Executives in K12 to action in the digital transformation
  • Key Business composability’s framework on people, process, technology, and physical assets
  • 2022 K12 education IT spending change and surprisingly the move to the cloud are tied with 43% of K12 respondents 
  • The most common software in K-12 education today, with some emerging technology investment plans in the next 12 months, next year, and in 2-3years



Gartner, 2022 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda: A K-12 Education Perspective, 17 November, By Kelly Calhoun Williams